Guyasuta Investment Advisors, Inc.
285 Kappa Drive, Suite 220
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Phone:       412-447-4560
Fax:           412-447-4579
Toll Free:    877-765-3330

Our Company

For more than 30 years, Guyasuta Investment Advisors, Inc. has protected client assets, lifestyles, families and future generations. With over 200 years of collective investment experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.

What makes Guyasuta unique

  • Expertise

    Our investment process employs a top down macro analysis of the global economy with a bottom up analysis of individual equity and fixed income securities. Our philosophy is to preserve and enhance our clients’ assets through a disciplined focus on risk management.
  • Service

    There is at least one Partner involved with each client relationship, ensuring continuity and customized client solutions. In addition, Guyasuta has four dedicated Portfolio Administrators to enhance our “five star” client service.
  • Focus

    Our sole focus is wealth management. We do not participate in any brokerage commission programs, sell insurance products, underwrite securities or serve as investment bankers.
  • Independence

    We are independently owned by five Partners who work at the Firm. We have no public company biases or conflicts to cross-sell high-fee investment products. Our fees are clearly disclosed, with no complicated expense ratios.
  • Community Involvement

    Our Firm is committed to our community and our profession through memberships, board appointments and volunteer opportunities.