Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Investment Philosophy

Guyasuta’s investment philosophy is to grow and protect your assets by offering conflict-free and transparent investment advice. That’s why we have designed our client experience to be highly collaborative, with portfolios customized to your risk tolerances and long-term financial goals. Through regular communications with you, we are able to provide updates on your portfolios along with the rationale of any decisions or changes that have been made. In addition, having an ongoing dialogue provides us the opportunity to learn if there have been changes in your lifestyle and long-term financial goals.

Equity Philosophy

For over three decades, Guyasuta has utilized an equity philosophy that focuses on risk management, diversification and the direct ownership of equity securities in order to drive long-term capital appreciation. Through an experienced in-house equity team, we conduct our own rigorous analysis of companies and their financial prospects. We are patient investors and seek investments that demonstrate favorable risk and reward opportunities. By investing in this manner, we increase the probability of stronger returns and more effective risk control.

Fixed Income Philosophy

Guyasuta’s fixed income philosophy is focused on generating a steady stream of income and preserving capital. We accomplish this by building portfolios of individual bonds, focusing on issuers with strong credit fundamentals. We conduct our own credit analysis and do not rely solely on credit ratings or insurance. By designing a customized mix of municipal, corporate and treasury bonds, we are better able to preserve capital, generate income and minimize risk.