A quality, diversified portfolio of investments tailored to meet your financial goals.

Investment Process

Guyasuta has continually worked to preserve and grow our clients’ capital through multiple economic cycles. Our firm’s investment philosophy is designed to generate the highest after-tax returns with the lowest corresponding risk. Our time-tested investment process and extensive portfolio monitoring help protect client assets from permanent capital loss.

Team Collaboration

Our investment process is highly collaborative. Our portfolio managers interact daily to discuss and implement our investment strategy. At our regular Investment Committee meetings, our equity and fixed income portfolios are reviewed. The business fundamentals and market performance of our portfolio holdings are analyzed with respect to economic data, political developments and international events, as well as company-specific developments. When appropriate, strategies are adjusted and timely changes are implemented within our clients’ portfolios.

Equity Process

We maintain a consistent and disciplined process designed to own a diversified portfolio of high quality companies that generate strong free cash flow and have sustainable revenue growth. Each investment is based on a thorough fundamental analysis of the underlying business and its financial statements. We invest in companies across multiple sectors and industries while seeking the most favorable risk/reward opportunities. This improves the probabilities of stronger returns and more effective risk control through market cycles. We are patient investors searching for compounding growth opportunities at the right valuation.

Fixed Income Process

We construct and manage customized laddered-maturity bond portfolios. Our emphasis is on the preservation of capital and consistent generation of income by focusing on individual bond positions that we have thoroughly scrutinized. We conduct our own credit analysis, and insist on strong balance sheets with stable to improving fundamentals.